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Last Updated : Thursday 25th July 2024

Mild here on the Roker Riviera again this morning. Starting to brighten up.

Unlike a lot of the other companies that come up in a search for 'Website Designers in Sunderland' we are actually based in Sunderland. The benefit of dealing with us is that we are locally based and have offices in St Peters Gate in Sunderland. Website-Designers-Sunderland-Penshaw-Monument

We are the longest serving tennant in St Peters Gate being located here since 2007.

We offer a free one hour demo if you would like to pop in to our St Peters Gate offices on the north side of the River Wear along from St Peters University of Sunderland campus.

Would you like to know more on how we can help you? Click Here to make contact with us.

Website Designers in Sunderland, Durham, Washington. Website-Designers-Sunderland-Services-image

A benefit of dealing with NRG Digital is that we have offices and meeting rooms within St Peters Gate where you can come to meet us and discuss your requirements face-to-face. Yes we can all use Zoom, but with lockdown easing we are finding a lot of clients want to get out and get back in the swing of human contact.

Driving Digital Success for Dynamic SME's!

Consider our collaboration with Transline Europe, a dominant freight-forwarding presence that seamlessly bridges the UK to the European continent.

Our prowess isn't limited to logistics. Our portfolio boasts collaborations with highly recommended tradespeople.

Diving into niches, we've crafted and curated the digital presence for Guardian International Security, ensuring safety resonates far and wide. Our projects also resonate with the art of relaxation, as seen with our marketing prowess for Saibadee Thai massage, endearingly termed as the "Pain Angels" of South Shields. And speaking of finesse, nothing brightens up a space quite like Lillian's Blinds.

For those valuing both immaculate homes and business spaces, we highly recommend our client Jake of Platinum Cleaning North East. He ensures both domestic and commercial spaces in the North East shine to perfection. And don't forget if you are looking for a Dental Lab in the North East check out the new website we are developing for A Line Dental Services Ltd.

We work with many innovative companies across the UK including Imaging Consultancy Services Ltd who specialise in the servicing of microscopes and medical 3D Surgery click here.

A sensitive subject but Pest Control, especially if you are looking for Pest Control Companies in Sunderland, look no further than Tom at Kapture 24-7. Click here to view his Pest Control Companies in the North East website.

Join us on this exhilarating journey, and let's craft narratives that not only stand out but also stand for something.

Contact us today for a no obligation free 1 hour demo or click here.

Website Design in Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle.Website-Designers-Sunderland-Websites-image

A benefit of dealing with us is that we won't try and baffle you with techno babble or jargon. We'll explain fully our services in simple to understand business fashion to help you make a decision to choose what is best for your business.

A lot of our competitors seem fixated on using complicated terminology and baffling people with science. We consciously try to avoid this to make the process of having a new website built as pain free as possible

Our most recent projects...

Our most recent projects

Intro for small businesses

At NRG Digital, we’re not just developers — we’re business owners too. With 28 years of self-employment under our belt, we comprehend the challenges of running a business firsthand. Our experience extends beyond creating websites; it’s rooted in understanding the hurdles of scaling businesses online. Some of our endeavors have soared, while others have provided crucial learning experiences. So, whether you’re seeking constructive feedback on your existing website or envisioning a new online venture, drop by our St Peters Gate offices for a no-obligation, one-hour consultation. Let’s build and grow together.

Your New Website domin

How We Can Assist You : 1. Domain Expertise:

Confused about choosing the perfect domain? Let us guide you in selecting a memorable name that resonates with your brand.

Website revamp

How We Can Assist You : 2. Website Revamp

Is your website feeling a bit last decade? We can breathe new life into old designs or craft an entirely new online presence for you.

Email set-up

How We Can Assist You : 3. Email Set Up

Step up your email game. We can set up a professional business email that links seamlessly with your website, reinforcing your brand with every send. We use Google Workspace business email accounts for our clients to provide secure reliable service when you need it.

Benefit 1 : Personalized Face-to-Face Interaction:

In the digital age, genuine human connection can be a rarity. At NRG Digital, we value in-person interactions and believe that the best collaborations arise from direct conversations. Our doors are always open during regular office hours, inviting potential clients to sit down with us, discuss their visions, and see their digital dreams take shape. 

Keep it simple

Benefit 2 : Straightforward Communication:

Technology can be intricate, but that doesn’t mean our conversations have to be. We pride ourselves on our straightforward approach, ensuring every discussion is free from overwhelming technical jargon. Instead, we focus on clear, plain-speaking dialogues, ensuring you're always in the loop and confident in every decision made.

St Peters Gate Legacy of Excellence

Benefit 3 : A Legacy of Excellence:

With a foundation laid in 1995, our tenure in the industry speaks volumes. Over the past 28 years, we've not only collaborated with over 1000 businesses but have also crafted hundreds of bespoke websites, designed distinctive logos, executed impactful print campaigns, and navigated the evolving realm of digital marketing. Every business card we've printed and every marketing email we've dispatched stands testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.