Initial Website Build

1. Revamping Existing Websites: (Or Building a New Website from scratch)

Considering a refresh for your current online presence? We offer tailored revamps based on your specific needs. Provide us with your domain name and any changes or additions you envision. As a standard, our basic 8-page website starts at just £500.00 plus vat, with content supplied by you. Any enhancements or unique features are transparently detailed, ensuring you receive an accurate estimate. Discussions regarding these costs can conveniently take place in-person or via email before any work commences.

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2. Understanding Ongoing Costs:

After the inception of your site, consistent hosting and development are vital. Monthly charges are contingent upon the size of your website, the frequency of updates, and your desired search engine ranking. For a modest 4-page website without the need for lead generation, our Bronze package is ideal. However, if you aspire to feature prominently on Google's first page in your locality and desire regular content updates, our Platinum package is your match.

3. Tailored Monthly Packages:

We pride ourselves on offering a range of monthly packages, each designed to cater to distinct needs and budgets:

Bronze Package: £10.00 plus vat monthly
Silver Package: £25.00 plus vat monthly
Gold Package: £50.00 plus vat monthly
Platinum Package: £100.00 plus vat monthly
Enterprise Package: From £250.00 to £500.00, extending to bespoke pricing arrangements as required.

For more details on what is included in each package CLICK HERE (Link to packages page)