Ongoing Monthly Packages

Packages Overview

  • Bronze Package More...

    • Price: £10.00 + VAT/month
    • Highlight: Perfect for savvy business owners seeking a foundational online presence without the frills. Establish your business in the digital sphere with essential features and unlimited self-updates.
    • Includes: Domain name, 1 GSuite email, 3 web pages, content management system, and more.
  • Silver Package More...

    • Price: £25.00 + VAT/month
    • Highlight: Renowned as our most sought-after package, Silver strikes the perfect balance of affordability and functionality. Ideal for businesses that desire a robust online identity without banking on it for lead generation.
    • Includes: Domain, 1 GSuite email, 8 web pages, monthly NRG updates, content management, and more.
  • Gold Package More...

    • Price: £50.00 + VAT/month
    • Highlight: The Gold extends the prowess of Silver, catering to businesses that have outgrown the confines of an 8-page website. This package is a testament to flexibility, offering up to 25 pages.
    • Includes: Domain, 2 GSuite emails, up to 25 web pages, 1.25 hours of monthly NRG updates, and more.

Each of our packages is meticulously crafted, ensuring your business thrives in the digital epoch, regardless of its current stature.