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NRG Digital offer support 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.


NRG Digital offer support 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

For support outside of normal business hours please either email or

Thursday 16th September 2021

Because we use trusted infrastructure such as Amazon Web Services (for our websites) and Google Workspace (for our clients emails) downtime to our services is kept to a minimum.

But because occasionally things in IT do go wrong our office is staffed each day during normal office hours with staff who have many decades of combined experience in ensuring your services are restored to normal should there be an outage.


We will post advice here shortly on topics such as


* Backing up your email client

* Why is my IP Adress Blocked? More...

* When do I need an IT Support Company to get involved


We will be posting details soon on the above topics and many more...


Saturday 30th December 2017

All systems seem to be running fine over Christmas and New Year. In today to carry out regular maintenance.


Saturday 28th October 2017

We are migrating several of our clients to new Google GSuite email accounts more...


Monday 16th October 2017 - 12:43

We are currently experiencing problems with several of our email accounts at the moment. We are aware and are working to resolve. Further updates via our Twitter account click here


Wednesday 19th July 2017

Part of the ongoing maintenance we do on a daily basis is to check our clients email accounts are working. This involves making sure quota limits aren't being exceeded. When we get a warning we will often increase the quota limit to ensure flow of emails to (and from) that particular account. This helps in the short term, but we would advise the client to double check that their email client is set correctly to ensure the emails are being backed up at their end and then subsequently deleted from our server. A build up of emails on the server side may possibly point towards the client not backing up regularly enough. We can increase quota limits but like to point out emails are much less exposed being backed up on your office computer (and internal back up system) rather than building up on our hosting solution.


Tuesday 11th April 2017


Emails needed SSL Certificate upgrade this morning. Bit of downtime. Should all be back to normal now. Let us know about any issues..


Monday 20th March 2017


Possible email problems for some of our clients that looks to have started on Saturday. We are aware and will update soon... In the meantime we will keep our Twitter feed updated...


Wednesday 15th February 2017


When setting up an email client with your email account first thought would be to check the connection details you're using to download the emails. If you're using an IP address something along the lines of ( then we would recommend changing this to the address this would mean it wouldn't need to be changed again in future. Then of course the password for that particular account.

Again this applies to setting up email on smart devices such as iPhones where it's a safe bet to use as both the incoming and outgoing server addresses

Failing that you can use the direct server addresses below (which are exactly the same for some mobile devices such as Samsung Galaxies).

username: your email address

Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 993
POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 465
Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
SSL has to be enabled.



Tuesday 7th February 2017


Most clients now back to normal and we have simplified our support system for emails.


We now have a simple 2 Step Procedure to check you emails are working on our / server side.


1. We will check that your I.P. address isn't blocked (if you ring please have this to hand - simply go on to Google and type "What is my I.P. address?") and...


2. We will check Webmail is working on our server (but remember Webmail is only a temporary solution to enable you to configure an email client at your office as a more permanent feature).


From there if you need help configuring your email client by all means contact us for any passwords you may require, also there are many useful tutorials online on resources such as YouTube.

With smartphones such as iPhone for all this can be tricky we can sometimes assist but we also recommend contacting your service provider 02 / EE / ect ect.


When all else fails for many modern businesses having either an 'in house' IT specialist or external 3rd party IT support is critical.


See further details below.


Still struggling with Samsung Galaxy smart phone set up of your emails? Try these new settings:


The mail settings should now be:

username: your email address

Incoming Server:
IMAP Port: 993
POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server:
SMTP Port: 465
Authentication is required for IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
SSL has to be enabled.


Friday 3rd February 2017


The Move Away From Webmail / Roundcube


With a lot of our clients their current set up is 'Webmail' many use 'Roundcube'. This has always been a server side temporary solution which is ideal to 'get going' and very easy to use but disadvantage is that it's vulnerable if you have no back up to your local machine using an email client like MacMail or Outlook Express.

A lot of our clients are confident enough to configure an email client to download (and back up and delete) from the server (Webmail) themselves.

However if you need assistance from an external 3rd party IT support company we can strongly recommend Diamond Group. We can send further details if you need to contact them.

But basically they can offer remote (Team Viewer) support to your desktop from their office at Team Valley.

For any other per IT support on a  per machine basis or ongoing monthly contracts you could speak to them direct.

If you are interested in this let us know and I'll speak to my contact there as we have negotiated a good deal for several of our other clients.

We work well with Diamond with quite a few 'mutual' clients now.


Thursday 2nd February 2017


New server doesn't like "easy to guess" short passwords. You may have to add a capital or more letters / numbers. Keep us posted please if you do make any changes. Also this relates to both email on a computer and smart phone. Also you may need to turn SSL on now on mobile for email to work.


Last update Wednesday 1st February 2017.


19:25 pm Most sites and emails restored. Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thanks again for your patience. Things should hopefully settle down now. We'll be checking through any remaining issues in the morning. We will also update with any advice required.


Tuesday 31st - 8:50 server migration still in progress (started last night). All services ok at the moment will update when move complete.


When websites / emails move it can be a simple case of adjusting settings and log in details. We will advise.


This site is moving also so it might be an idea to bookmark our Twitter feed in case you can't reach this page while move is compete.


Last update Monday 30th January 2017.


We will be updating this page with any further developments but you can also follow our Twitter account. click here...


Due to the recent downtime caused by problems with our 3rd party hosting company we have sought reassurances from them to prevent a reoccurrence. As such they are making upgrades to their server on the night of Monday 30th January 2017.


A lot of our clients will be unaffected and webmail should continue to work fine.


We will be on hand on Tuesday morning if you experience any teething problems such as email clients which may need simple upgrades.


We have also asked our friends at Diamond Group our approved IT Support company to assist any of our clients that may need assistance amending any email accounts.


The upgrades that will be needed will be simple and will in the longer run provide a much better stable and secure service.


We will also be advising each client that it is important that they implement a secure back up of their emails of any webmail accounts locally on their own Mac or PC.


It became apparent from the problems mid month that many clients do not have any back up in place.


Both ourselves and our friends at Diamond will be able to advise on this.


Likewise we also now liaise with other 3rd party IT companies to ensure emails continue to flow.


If you experience any problems call on the usual number 0191 5342003 or email me on either or