Ideal for businesses needing
only a basic website.

Which we update for you
MONTHLY (40 minutes per month)

(75 minutes per month)

To reach 1st Page On Google!
(2.5 hours per month) PLUS UPDATE YOURSELF ALSO!

To reach 1st Page On Google!
With Full Ongoing Marketing Ideas!


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  Our websites come in a range of easy to

understand flexible Pay As You Go Packages...

Looking for a price on Websites in Sunderland?

Initial Build Price

Most of our recent website builds featured on our home page were built for an initial fee of between only £500.00-£1000.00 plus vat.

Whats included in a basic £500.00 website:

The initial meeting to gather your brief (1 hour) is free.

If you come to us with everything you need for your website this saves us a lot of work (and you money) and we can quickly ascertain whether your brief will take the budget over £500.00.

When we say 'everything you need' that can take the form of either everything in Word documents on a memory pen. Images on a memory pen. Or you can write down what you need. Or even tell us verbally in the meeting and we can record your instructions with a digital voice recorder. Or you can email us the content / images and instructions. Or any combination of the above!

Either way a basic website will include these standard features:

Domain name
New Logo
A styling theme / colour(s) / fonts general layout
Installation of our content management system (which allows you to update yourself going forward and not have to pay us for this).
8 pages which ordinarily would include
1. Home page
2. About Us
3. For you to decide - Services perhaps?
4. For you to decide - One of your services perhaps?
5. For you to decide - One of your services perhaps?
6. For you to decide - One of your services perhaps?
7. Contact us - your contact details and finally
8. Enquiry Form
If you do not have text or images to populate the pages with initially, we can populate with what we think you need , but obviously if this needs to be changed we would have to charge for this over and above the intitial price.
A business email account (GSuite) at least one account for Bronze package upwards. Plus logo and signature to be added to footer of email account, and any text disclaimer regarding intended recipient.
Basic Meta Data. This is keywords, description, and page titles for search engines such as Google. We will speak in more detail about this at your initial meeting
Social Media Links (does not include set up of social media accounts).

We will ask in most cases for a 50% deposit before we commence build of website. So in the case of a basic 8 page website this will equate to £250.00 plus vat (£300.00 total deposit). Balance and any extras payable on go live date.

Anything over and above this will be charged at our team hourly rate of £40.00 per hour.
(From 1st April 2021)

For example if you would like to have a second meeting to discuss ideas and you come in without any content, and discuss this verbally, we will (with your permission) record the session on a digital voice recorder.

We will then listen back to this hour long session (which will take at least an hour to author) and then action any requests you give during the session.

We will add up this time (1 hour meeting + 1 hour authoring + time to action requests) and add it to the overall balancing price.

Ongoing Monthly Hosting & Development

After the initial build you then need to consider what resources you need to apply to your website on a regular monthly basis to keep it up to date.

We offer various packages tailored to suit every businesses budget, starting from £10.00 (plus vat per month) up to £100.00 (plus vat per month).

We also have the 'Enterprise' package for businesses that need more time spent on marketing and promoting their website as a sales tool.

Click here to view our latest guide.

Bronze PackageSilver PackageGold PackagePlatinum Package

Enterprise Package

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