NRG Digital Website Designers in Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle.

NRG Digital Website Designers in Sunderland since 2001. Established in 1995. We have a proven track record.

Looking for a website designer near Sunderland. We are based in St Peters Gate near Sunderland City Centre. Download our brochure for more details.

Initial Website Build

When embarking on your digital journey with NRG Digital, we ensure a seamless beginning. Our most recent website constructions, proudly displayed on our homepage, typically range from £500.00 to £1000.00 plus vat for an initial build. This initial cost encompasses a foundation for your online presence, which includes domain registration, the installation of our state-of-the-art content management system, and a fresh logo that captures the essence of your brand. At NRG Digital, we aim for transparency, and our initial meeting (lasting up to an hour) is entirely complimentary, allowing us to understand your needs and vision without any immediate financial commitment.

Free One Hour Face to Face No Obligation Demo.

We offer a free one hour demo if you would like to pop in to our St Peters Gate offices on the north side of the River Wear along from St Peters University of Sunderland campus.

Looking for a trusted Website Designer in Sunderland, Durham Area?

We've built hundreds of websites and dealt with over a thousand clients in our 25+ years in business.

The Basic 8 Page* Structure of the Initial Website Build

A fundamental aspect of our basic website package is the structured layout. Comprising eight distinct pages, each serves a unique purpose to engage and inform your visitors:

1.     Home: Your online entrance, greeting visitors with your brand's essence.
2.    About Us: A narrative on your journey, ethos, and mission.
3.    Service Overview: A broader look at what you offer.
4.    Service Detail 1: An in-depth view of a particular service.
5.    Service Detail 2: Another detailed glance into a different facet of your offerings.
6.    Service Detail 3: Continuation of your services’ in-depth exploration.
7.    Contact Us: Detailed information for prospects to reach out.
8.    Enquiry Form: An avenue for potential clients to express interest and pose queries.

* More pages can obviously be added and often clients need many more than 8 pages.

Looking for a good Website Designer in Sunderland?

We've built hundreds of websites and dealt with over a thousand clients in our 25 years in business. So the benefit in choosing us is that you will be choosing a long established, trusted website company!

Ongoing Support & Development

After the initial construction phase, the real work begins. Our commitment doesn't end once your website is live. Recognising the dynamic nature of businesses, we provide tailored monthly packages starting from as low as £10.00 (plus vat) to £100.00 (plus vat). For those enterprises that require extensive marketing and website promotion, our 'Enterprise' package offers a comprehensive solution. We're here for the long haul, ensuring your website remains updated, relevant, and continuously aligning with your evolving business needs.